Treatment of Chronic Pain

Clinical Foundations of Pain Therapy An electronic version and the latest edition of this book is available here

Clinical Foundations of Pain Therapy: The nature of chronic pain, conditions for its appearance and abatement / Y.F. Kamenev, V.V. Kamenev. – Saint Petersburg University Press, 2006. – 456 p.p. – (Pain Medicine)

This book was written in view of the absence of full theoretical and practical bases of Pain Medicine. In literature, the neuro-physiological mechanisms of pain are presented exhaustively, while its clinical aspects, which have fundamental importance for understanding the conditions leading to the appearance and abatement of tissue mechanisms of primary chronic painon the periphery, remain still largely undeveloped. It is well known that the key in appearance of chronic pain are processes occurring in peripheral tissues and organs, including blood vessels and nerves. This book presents a missing aspect of Pain Medicine – tissue mechanisms of primary chronic pain, without which this clinical discipline cannot be correct diagnostics and effective treatment of chronic pain. The new knowledge is the "key" to the correct understanding and solution of the problems of pain applicably for all medical specialists. The objective of the book is to assist practicing physicians in the perception of the essence of differing by their composition and clinical manifestations pain syndromes, which is of fundamental importance for understanding the conditions leading to their appearance and abatement.

     The book is intended for medical workers of all specialties, without exception, who wish to expand their knowledge in the area of correct diagnosis and successful treatment of chronic pain. The time has come to solve the problem of chronic pain, starting from the effect of objectively existing (and long unknown) principles of the development of this phenomenon.

Nozological Diagnostics of Pain Syndromes

Nozological Diagnostics of Pain Syndromes: Reference book / Y.F. Kamenev. – Kiev, 2005. – 456 p.p. – (Pain Medicine)

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«Pain Therapy Resources in Orthopedia and Traumatology: Practical Handbook»./  Y.F. Kamenev, V.V. Kamenev. 552 p.p. – (Pain Medicine)     

 The book represents a practical handbook for treatment of chronic pain arising from disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The basis of the book is the principle of discovering and eliminating pathological pain determinants as applied to each peripheral organ and tissue. A general rule in disorders of the musculoskeletal system is the constant change in pathological pain determinants and the appearance at various pain pathology structural and functional levels of self-sustaining pathological cycles. For the first time in disorders of the musculoskeletal system, mechanisms responsible for the mutation of the algesic print and structural complications of the pain syndrome have been discovered.  The book helps to understand the principles of pain formation in each type of pathology and to use the most effective means of pain therapy for its abatement.

The primary objective of the book is the formation of a correct understanding of the nature of pain arising in disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as well as providing a foundation for rational pain therapy. The book examines the basic mechanisms responsible for the appearance of chronic pain as applied to the diverse specifics of the damages occurring in tissues and organs of the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursal sacs, bones and joints). Primary attention is given to pathological pain determinants, whose activity defines the nature and course of the pain syndrome regardless of the origins of its appearance. As a result of the order of the pathological process, the change in pathogenic mechanisms at its various stages of development is accompanied by the appearance of new sources of pain sensations that may arise from the most widely varied body organs and tissues. These specifics are barely considered in the pathogenesis of the majority of musculoskeletal system disorders and are therefore ignored during pain therapy.

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