Foundation of Clinical Pain Medicine

This site, created in the interests of practicing physicians, manifests a true understanding of the nature of pain syndromes based on special underlying clinical indicators and based on the newly created Classification of Chronic Pain Syndromes. New approaches to diagnostics in Pain Medicine allow the discovery of triggering mechanisms that lead to the appearance of chronic pain as applicable to primary biological structures of the human body. The new approach introduces the Program of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, which is important for understanding the conditions contributing to the appearance and abatement of all forms and types of chronic pain. The site is intended for medical workers of all specialties, without exception, who wish to expand their knowledge in the area of correct diagnosis and successful treatment of chronic pain.

Where can you learn about the new teaching in Chronic Pain? We suggest you review the site section 'Authors' Books on iPad', where you will find interesting information in the books that are being published in electronic format in order to explain the new ideology of pain problems in clinical practice.

The authors invite collaboration and proposals from publishing houses and independent contributors for translation of the existing books and scientific works into English and other languages. Proposals can be submitted to

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