Appeal to the World Health Organization, UNESCO

Margaret Chan, Director-General
World Health Organization Official address:

Irina Bokova, Director-General 
UNESCO Official address:

Dear Director General:

Writing to you is a Russian scientist, Medical Doctor Y.F. Kamenev, who is one of the authors of a fundamental discovery in pain medicine, which allows to solve the problem of pain using non-drug methods. The essence of the discovery was in determining the dependence of pain mechanisms on the structure of tissues and organs involved in the formation of pain. Tissue mechanisms of pain are key to a radical solution of the pain problem by doctors of different specialties without the use of pharmaceuticals.

The fact is that treatment of complex pain syndromes can only be performed recognizing the dual (neural and tissue) nature of the mechanisms of chronic pain. Using only neurophysiological mechanisms for this purpose is not sufficient. It must be considered that 90% of all types of pain syndromes are based on the tissue mechanisms of the formation of pain.

Therefore we, the authors of the discovery, found it necessary to appeal for assistance in the dissemination of the new knowledge to your organization. We ask for its involvement and support of the new ideology of achieving pain relief by neutralizing simultaneously the neurophysiological and the tissue components of pain. Of fundamental importance is the translation of some of our books into English and other languages. We speak primarily of four books:
            Mechanisms of Chronic Pain: Clinical Aspects
            Foundations of Clinical Pain Therapy: Reference Book for Physicians
            Reference Book of Clinical Pain Medicine
            Resources of Pain Medicine in Traumatology and Orthopedics

We invite you to contact us for collaboration in making this new science known to the international medical commmunity.

Best regards,

Dr. Y.F. Kamenev

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